No OR Nopes – Chat culture

Since the beginning of the chat culture or to be more precise with the emergence of social messaging applications like Whatsapp etc. the trend of “Written English” has got worsened. Teenagers may find it to be “kewl”, it is NOT. I believe it is ruining the English typography. This cool status in society led students to flamboyantly use the wrong spelling, bypassing the fact that this habit is adversely affecting them. Even most of the graduates end up miss-spell the most basic words. As a result India is lacking in the skilled Man force. Furthermore, this trend is shrinking the gap between the formal writing and the casual writing.

In a country like India, whose youth population constitutes more than half of the country’s overall population, this certainly is a signal of danger.

One may say that these are just the contractions which are used as a replacement for lengthy words but certainly not. Indeed, “no” is written as “nopes“. They are gulping 3 more letters in and saying it to be contracted. Better to say “Elongated Contractions”!

This trend is also backing the procrastinators to not learn spellings in the present time.

In one of the past posts, Indian Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan said that the chat trend is certainly eliminating the essence from the words.

From my vantage point, the youth of the country should rather take messaging as the platform for correcting and learning English.

7 thoughts on “No OR Nopes – Chat culture

  1. Hey
    You may be right about the essence of language that is being lost while chatting on social sites, but what matters is communication. People prefer rather i would say adopt things which are easier and less time consuming(yeah and that would not include nopes). When you look around you there is this rushing world busy in their works so just to reply a k instead of ok and thanks instead of thank you its just a matter of trend time and comfort.(plus my personal liking) 😉


  2. Hey Mohit, good work.
    I am happy to see that you have effectively put your thoughts on paper. What you say is totally correct and I hope you are able to spread this message to a large audience.
    As we are talking about English here, I would like to point out that there are some grammar and syntactical mistakes in your writing, you should review it again.
    Over all, it’s a good article.


  3. i would also like to go with the article that the chat culture which is considered to be cool enough to use the contracted language is not so cool. To second my argument I would give the example of the automated dictionary which has been provided in all the smart phones to make your spellings correct. So writing small or i would say wrong can never be cool! Otherwise the option of those dictionaries would never have been provided so as to malign the essence of writing. Thereofore people should understand while chatting on all the social network to use the full word.


  4. I guess there are two sets of people, one who use contracted language in a limit to save time and efforts and others who actually use ” elongated contractions” ( i liked this part of your article) and exaggerate it too much to look cool( but they dont). I sometimes find it very unpleasant when people write “eww” instead of “you” or ” sun” instead of soon” etc. But yes such writing habits are surely affecting the writing skills.

    About the article i would say there should have been more prominent points to support your idea and to make the article more persuasive. But i like your efforts. Overall a nice article. Keep it up dear. 🙂


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