AIB : Knock In OR Out ?

I watched the video on its very first day. I couldn’t smile even once on the coarse jokes being made at the large podium. Although, I fully watched the video; I didn’t recommend to any of my same-age-group friends to watch it(I am an adult). The show was harsh, cruel, and uncivil. It’s not moral to make fun of people by attaching a word “humour” to it. Their skanky jokes left no one, not even Mother Mary. Their jokes sounded like the bunch of crud. Not humorous at all, prima facie a filth.

The extreme horror tinged me down. I felt frustrated to foresee the kind of impact it could have on our society by AIB’s litterbugs and eminent Bollywood stars. Moreover, such shows are always attracted by people who are not eligible for it. And children at their critical age (puberty) don’t have the wisdom to choose between right and wrong.

It is awful to see kids in the present time using filthy language. The dirt which is shown in the television and the internet make kids directly vulnerable to it.

Increasing number of nuclear families and whole-day working parents leave their kids alone with no one to keep an eye on. Parents, here, do need to understand that their children, mainly teenagers, needs their guidance the most.

I love AIB shows. Its members have always come up with artistic and creative humour. This roast was, certainly, the exception. I was appalled to see such a foul serving by them. Moreover, it wasn’t even a “creative filth”! Talking publicly on the penis and vagina don’t make anyone stand out of the crowd.

I believe that if brevity is the soul of wit, unlike their other shows, AIB’s knockout wasn’t witty whatsoever.

Perhaps, what all happened could be legal but wasn’t ethical.

Share your point of view in comment section below.

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