Be Expressive, Show Expressions

How much do emotions matter to us? How many of us do not express our feelings? What does expression matter to all of us? If we all were wearing façade, then how interactions would be? Does ego halt the way to express our feelings? Are we suffering from the Expressive Aphasia?

There are people who scream in solitary to express their emotions. There are also many who fight with their friends and don’t express their feelings to talk back until emotions within them reach the saturation level and then they outburst. There are couples, who are so apprehensive that instead of expressing their love to parents find solace in eloping! Usually we don’t express our feelings on right time, but since it has to come out, it is either burst on a wrong person or on a right person in a wrong way. Also in day to day life, people talking enthusiastically and energetically are very less in number. Most of them give the answer just for the sake of answering. What is stopping our expressions?

Sometimes it is our tradition and at other times it is our own free will to be stupid (few have an inherent nature of being expressionless). In few western states of India, women veil their face till the neck, completely covering their face (main source of expression) as a sign of respect. This inhibits their expression. It is also said that father is the one who doesn’t express his love for his children directly; his love can only be felt and not shown (frustrating, isn’t it?).  In Muslim religion, women cover their face with “burqa” (Muslim religious garment) which also restricts their emotions.

It is unlikely that we don’t prefer expressive people. The best humorous shows could run without words but expressions always play a vital role in their success; because expressions always come with feelings unlike words. To communicate in countries where one don’t share any common language, expressions are the only way of survival, as they are, mostly, universal.  People who are deaf and dumb also use the sign language as a mode to communicate. If anyone has a mastery in depicting expressions correctly, they are cartoonists and small kids, whose only source of communication is expression.

Even the big companies like the Facebook, and the Google have got the importance of emotions and expressions and have put large no of emoticons in their respective messaging services to let someone express their feeling a better way. The survey shows that we are living in the world where we use more emoticons in messaging apps but lacking emotions in our lives. Also it says that more than 75% of people had fought with their friends solely on the basis of misunderstanding!

We must use expressions in our daily lives to make our living livelier. We should shed our egos, stereotypes and let our expressions synchronize well with words. Expressive people usually sort out most of the problems.

One should note that even our skin hair straightens and our body sweats during the time of shock and fear respectively. Our heart beats at a faster rate during the time of exhaustion. Also our loins respond in their respective way to different thoughts. WHY ARE WE STOPPING OUR EXPRESSIONS?

Here is the summary of the survey conducted on this issue:

Survey Summary

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