My friends, SPSU and Sourav Sikhwal

My friends say I was the dumbass when I joined the college. Never use “C” language(slangs) before I joined the college. Was gullible and innocent kid. Sex was a big thing indeed.

For me: silence was the speech, study was the karma and aarthi(gratitude to god) was the dharma(religion). Any girl sitting next to me could make my heart beat faster. So a girl — big no no. I had nothing but a strong urge of doing so many things. I used to love video games.

I studied in Sir Padampat Singhania University in Udaipur. Full 300 kms away from my home town. Being mamma’s boy, it was initially really hard time being there.

I started understanding that smoke is caused not only by incense stick but also by cigarettes. And school/college time sex is sort of fun and it is cool to say that “We are … hnnnn friends with benefits”. It was hard time understanding the people whom I was living with.

So many things, all new, most of them weird, all at the same time and same place. Accepting the people the way they are took a lot of time. It was really hard time.

Slowly with the pace of time I settled down. I started speaking more, started learning not books but life. Started accepting the world. Those so called weird people became my friends too. I met few girl (friends) too, but this time, unfortunately, none could beat my heart faster.

I understood that life is like sinusoidal wave, there would be fluctuations but you have to cope with that and stay forward. I understood that people would come and go but you have to remain good. I started participating in projects, started giving seminars, and also did so many crazy things. I used to love reading motivational books which helped me a lot when people betrayed me. I became stronger. I started expecting lesser and consequently none from the people around.

Everyone taught me something or the other and I rose. Few taught me the joy of rain, few helped me become stronger, few explained the real meaning of friendship and few showed that heart can be made of stone, too. Out of all I realized that one cannot hate a person whom he/she loves no matter how bad they might have been in his/her life. Love is something which keeps people united.

Throughout the course of engineering few went away and few came back. Although in so much fluctuating life, there was just one thing which never changed. My friendship with Sourav Sikhwal.

He was my room mate,my friend and my big brother(though younger one).


I owe him most of the goodness in myself. Whether during the peak or during the low times, we were together. I would say that the time at which we became friend will remain the most important time of my life. We did all the fun which none could think of. I got the confidence, turned fearless and many more just because of him. He accepted all the weirdness of mine and even suggested few more to add in the list. The positivity within us can never be matched with any one. “No” was not a word in our dictionary and were always there for each other up to any extent.

Today I thank all my friends, my college and Sourav Sikhwal (Laddu Bittu) for being extremely good and extremely bad with me, either way it helped me a lot.

8 thoughts on “My friends, SPSU and Sourav Sikhwal

  1. Rightly said-Whatever happens..Happens for good.May the bond of friendship that you both share, remain the same always..But I’ll still say-“I know bittu for a longer time than you do”.Coz mine is 6 and yours is 4.. 😉


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