We go for vacations at different places in the world. Some wants to go to Disney land to shake hands with the Mickey Mouse and hug the Fred Flinstone and others want to go to Las Vegas to lose or gain some weight from their pockets. All of us love vacations.

But in my case, being at home is the best sort of vacations I could ever imagine. I am pretty sure that this thought would change as I too have my dream locations to travel before I die but for now it is my home. Since it has been four years (For my Bachelor degree in Technology), I was away from my home town. So certainly the best vacation at present is the staycation.

We go out for different purposes. Some go for business purposes, few others for travelling, few others for job, and few more go to settle permanently. Whatever the reason may be, when we come back to our home, it feels that it is the home where our heart resides.

Even when we live outside, people don’t say that particular place to be “ghar”(“ghar” translates to “home” in Hindi). It comes along with so many intimate feelings which we cannot relate to a temporary place. Even when I lived in hostels for 4 years, I said it “hostel”. People live outside and take apartments. And they say it apartments not “ghar”.

So I did ponder upon this topic and found out that what makes a home so special. Why people feel nostalgic when they arrive home even after a decade or more? What makes the home where our heart resides?

Personally, when I walk into my home I feel peace. I feel that I am at the safest environment that I could be in. Everyone surrounding me thinks good for me and so I appreciate all the yelling on me in the past. Our family members support us in each of our endeavour and stops us where our immaturity out powers. It is the one place that I can truly be me. No fake people and no fake emotions. Our family is there, and love and comfort surrounds us. To know that this is the place where our family and we have established together and that we all have our special space within our home and spaces where we can come together.

                   “There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort” – Jane Austen

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