Life – ?

What is the main purpose of life? Are we living the life we desire? What should we do to attain the life which is ideal?

Gita says that human life is amongst the rarest of the rare. Human life has been given a crown. In books we read that humans are the most intelligent life present on the earth. I believe that humans are being so lofted up.

I too was satisfied by what I used to read in the course textbooks while I was juvenile. But being an adult, understanding how the humans are so much craved for materialistic things, and some even go beyond their boundaries and do immoral things to achieve that, I now wonder that how big lies were being taught to us.

Where are we forwarding? What is the main purpose of life? Why the humans has been given the highest priority? Are we following what we are made for?

Apparently, it is the life for money and sex where people can turn from human to demon to achieve that. People do crime for cheap things which makes me difficult to accept what was written in my childhood textbooks. We are heading towards the bottomless pit. By the time we realize the real purpose of life, it is, most of the time, very late. I believe that if there is something for which we should crave, it is the character. I think that character is the biggest property one can carry.

Getting into wrong hands is not a one day event, but a gradual process. During such times we always get the intuition but we ignore it. We ignore the intuition because the illusive craving for doing the illicit things overpowers the other. It is a gradual process which includes our upbringing, our friends, our parents, etc.

Now a days, youth is lacking in the spiritual knowledge. Since youth constitute the majority of population: spiritual, inspirational and motivational teaching must be started at the school and college level so that their mind can be occupied by good thoughts.

I found that India lacks team work. People are self-oriented and so it becomes difficult for us to work in a team. Even in prayers we say “samastha loka sukhino bhavantu” which means that hey lord let all people of the world be happy. Here we aren’t praying for ourselves but instead for the whole living being.

Let we be the inspiration for our coming generation. And this can only be true by introspecting ourselves and do significant changes in our habits. As very well said by Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change u want to see in the world”.

“Your life is message to the world, make sure it is inspiring.”

-Lorrin L. Lee

P.S. : This article was written three years before, I did some editing but most of the content is unchanged. This article must have been written in some context or related to some incident happened at that time. I don’t remember it now.

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