My Friends


Today is friendship day. But I don’t know what does it mean? Does it mean that it is the best day to make new friends? Or does it mean that it is the best day to resolve the past issues and friendship again? Or may be to share the gifts or kisses? Or one may find it to be the perfect day to realize the kind of friends they possess. Like this, there could be endless definitions of friendship. But for me it is a day to add one more article on the blog because my friends are not like every other person. They are precious, they are important to me, and they are my family. So I don’t wait for this day to realize that how enriched I am to have some awesome friends . We are always much better connected. As soon as I feel something for them, I text them right there no matter what time the clock shows. I won’t say my friends are “nice”, I would never say that. Because “nice” friends are taken as granted. “Nice” people don’t have much value. And so being very lucky, none of my friends are “nice”. Rather they show the amalgam of characters which is either extreme good or extreme bad. And for this I love them. While I will not take any specific name of anyone but you all made me show the right world and right way. And being a fabulous friend, not nice, I will make sure that you don’t face any trouble ever in your life. I wish our friendship continues forever and multi-fold day-by-day. And I thank all my friends for being the worst and best part of my life.

“Friendship is always a sweet responsibility and never a opportunity”

                                                                                                                                 – Khalil Gibran

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