Harshita – Janm din mubarak ho!


Girls! I have seen many kind of girls. Especially in India with such a huge population one surely gets to meet endless types of girls. But for the girl whom this article is dedicated to is not the ordinary one. She is more or less the perfect girl I have ever met. I don’t know how, but the kind of balance which she keeps with her family of friends, her family, her studies, her hobbies, her talents is extra-ordinary.  She is always lively and never let anyone go dull. You truly stand by your name.  Let it be singing, or partying, or studies, or may be just having a conversation with her, one gets to learn so many things. I really feel so fortunate to have a friend like you, Harshita. While I have never told you, but I have learnt so many things from you about life, about friendship, about fun, about managing the time. You’re a real “bindass” girl. While I am late but still many many happy returns of the day. Belated Happy Birthday! And I know I really deserve a hard blow on my face for this “belated” thing.

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