Why do I love village more than a city?

In India according to 2011 report 68.84% of Indians lived in villages which amounts to massive 833.1 million people.

I wasn’t born in a village, I was born in a city whose growth by the time has been exponential in terms of both education and infrastructure. I could see big malls building within a span of few months. Multiplexes equipped with latest technology and better comfort level have come up to lure the customers. Even the video advertisements started making their presence on the busy roads. People were making more and more money. Businesses flourished in my city like never before. It was all good from the bird’s eye view.

A bit deeper thought made me understood the part which is very relevant and is still being neglected.

Disposal of Waste and Environmental Pollution

Why I am realizing this today is because when I go to a city from the village (where I am currently living for the purpose of my Masters), I feel suffocated by the pollution in the city and feel ashamed by seeing the garbage lying everywhere around me. During evening walk, I feel sad by looking up in the sky as there are very few or no stars visible due to the city’s pollution.

So here I come to the themed topic, “Why Do I Love Villages”?

  1. Clean Drinking Water and Pure Air to Inhale
  2.  Understanding the village life

I love talking to the native people of the village and understanding their life. I can see their hardship and how they live happily even in the limited resources.

He (Right) is the watchman of my hostel. He lives in the same village and it is always a please talking to him.
He (Right) is the watchman of my hostel. He lives in the same village and it is always a pleasure to talk to him.
  1. No garbage in villages

Firstly they don’t use poly bags. Then the little waste which is generated is recycled in the home itself. But how? The food waste and other edible waste is eaten by the cattle they keep. The waste generated by the cattle is used as fertilizer in the field. And so the cycle continues.

  1. You really get the feel of the song “You’re the sky full of stars”.

Yes, that is true. If you are going for evening walk in a village, you will realize the massive amount of stars the sky possess.

5.  Helping nature and brotherhood.

Most of the people in village are very helpful. And under any problem, all the people stand together united.

6.  Clouds and Rain and everything about village

I live in Kandoli village in Dehradun. I am leaving you with few images to make you understand what do I meant with “Clouds and Rain and everything about village”.

IMG_20150926_172009 20150811_180845 IMG_20150705_184833 IMG_20150726_234947 IMG_20150731_114423 IMG_20150805_085437 IMG_20150906_105357 IMG_20150913_093313 IMG_20150914_090534 IMG_20150915_190650 IMG_20150916_112801 IMG_20150922_164850

To see more photos, follow me at Instagram @mohitgehlot

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