Etymology of “चुतिया”

I remember I was in class 11th talking to my sister that “ये C वाली गाली बहुत बोलता हैI (He often speaks the slang which starts with the letter C.)” I really never had the guts to speak the full word as it used to cause discomfort to me and it continued until I joined the university.

I never spoke a slang till my class 12 and used to give weird expression whenever I got to hear from passers-by. Till then I thought the word has a meaning attached to women’s vagina ( “vagina” is the English equivalent of the word “ चुत “) and is very much disrespectful to speak to anyone.

By the time I joined the university, I realized that the word has acquired the form of a colloquial language. It was rarely meant to be used with its literal meaning. This time the meaning has come down to a much simpler form – Idiot/foolish.

Here is the imaginary discussion between two friends using the word “चुतिया” in their colloquial language:

Person X: कैसा है चुतिये? (How are you “chutiye”?)

Person Y: बस ठीक हु, इस चुतिये मौसम ने परेशान कर रखा हैI (I am fine, but this “chutiya” weather has made my life troublesome.)

Person X: चुतिये, अब तो AC लगवा ले I तुझे पता है अपने कॉलेज के सबसे बरे चुतिये ने इस बार टॉप किया है!( “chutiye”, Atleast have AC now. Do you know that college’s top most “chutiya” has got the top rank! )

Here if we see the way the expletive has been used, the person X is using the expletive to quote the person Y instead of using his name (here it is used as a noun). When the Person Y replies, he is using the expletive to relate the bad weather (it could be humid, extremely cold, extremely hot or anything which Person Y doesn’t like.) at his place (here the expletive is used as an adjective). And when the person X quotes the topper with an expletive, the intensity changes. Here it is not meant to be friendly, unlike when the person X speaks to the Person Y, rather it is meant to show that an idiot/foolish/non-deserving person has got the top rank.

Although how much friendly the word becomes, it is highly un-recommended to use the word professionally (and in public), else you will end up losing your job instantly or in big trouble.

Let’s look at how Platts Dictionary of urdu describes the word:

“H چوتيا चूतिया ćūtiyā [ćūt, q.v.+Prk. इओ=S. इकः], s.m. One who lives on the earnings of his wife’s prostitution; a term of abuse, a blockhead, dolt:—ćūtiyā-paṭait, ćūtiyā-ćakkar, ćūtiyā-ćampaʼī, s.m. A blockhead, a fool:—ćūtiyā-shahīd, s.m. A cully, a dupe;—(slang) a man who kills himself by excess of venery, a martyr to venery.”

And the Google Translator simply translates the expletive to a Fucker in English.

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