My Graduation Convocation!


My graduation convocation

Today is the convocation day, all my friends are attending. I’m calling them one by one, all of them to get to know the insights. Does the college look same? Has everyone come? What all changed in the university? What about friends, is everyone there? Have you come up with your parents? What dress are you wearing? So many questions, so many things to know and why it won’t be! I enjoyed my life there, I got my friends, and I got to know life. Why would not I ask many questions? I love my university, I love it like anything. And I am going to be always proud of it no matter what all bullshit people say about it.

Yes! I am here in my hostel. Not the hostel where I should be but somewhere else. I am not attending my convocation. I am missing it to hell. I am thinking myself to be among my friends there, in the black suit and the signature hat. I am thinking of doing some final crazy things along with friends to end it all up. To take a photograph with everyone and yeah! Maybe someone will take a photograph of all us throwing the hat in the air. I would have had my margarita pizza. I love it! May be the mess food would be tastier then it ever had since last four years. I would have hugged all my friends. I love them so much! My eyes are wet by reminiscing so much good which the university had given me.

Thank You Sir Padampat Singhania Univeristy!





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