You and Your Name

From Madhubala (मधुबाला) to Ram (राम) and from Bhakti(भक्ति), Aradhna(अराधना) to Upasna(उपासना). In india we love putting names which are meaningful. When a child is born, we do an intense study to look for the best name which can be matched with an infant. Considering my name – Mohit(मोहित) – it means “happiness”, “one who loves spreading happiness”, “love” or “one who attracts or gets attracted”. Personally I believe that a name give you the responsibility to stand for it always. That reminds you of yourself.  That’s why at times when I’m sad I try to be happy and at other times if I don’t like someone, I try to suppress that feeling and arise the feeling of love for the same person just to be true to myself, to my Name. For me my name is the biggest thing in this world. Anything which affects my name, affects me, my soul. So that’s why we try to put so meaningful names such that even if anyone just stands right always to his/her name, one can be successful.

But that’s not I was wondering about, yesterday I was thinking about which character or trait or anything else in the name that makes the name suitable for a girl and a boy. I was thinking this throughout yesterday night and went across so many names in my mind so as to know how the names are distinguished between the two sexes.

I selected 20 random names from both the sexes from my Facebook friend list and analysed them.

Here is the name list which I looked upon:


Male                                                                                                          Female

  1. Sourav                                                                                                          Anasuya
  2. Khushal                                                                                                        Mahima
  3. Udaiveer                                                                                                       Jigyasa
  4. Vishwanath                                                                                                   Neha
  5. Antariksh                                                                                                      Ankita
  6. Vikas                                                                                                             Darshika
  7. Akshay                                                                                                          Sirisha
  8. Tushar                                                                                                           Madhuri
  9. Nitin                                                                                                              Aishwarya
  10. Roop                                                                                                              Kaushiki
  11. Aashish                                                                                                          Vani
  12. Roshan                                                                                                           Harshita
  13. Sushil                                                                                                             Shivani
  14. Venkatraman                                                                                                 Apoorva
  15. Vibhav                                                                                                            Mansi
  16. Prateek                                                                                                           Shivranjini
  17. Shubh                                                                                                             Shubhi
  18. Ishan                                                                                                               Ishani
  19. Deepak                                                                                                            Anvi
  20. Mohit                                                                                                           Megha


By analysing I realised that they follow the same pattern (although there are some exceptions).

If the word ends with a sound of letter अ (a) then it is very high chances that the name will be of a male person. Similarly, if the word ends with a sound of letter आ (aa) then it is very high probability that the name belongs to a female sex. Also female names show one more similarity i.e. if the last letter sounds like an ई (ee) then the chances are you are reading a female name. When we want to add ई ee to a consonant we use this symbol ी. For example: Let us take the name Shivranjinee ( शिवरन्जिनी ), the ई ee at the end of the name has been replaced by a symbol ी.

Let us also take a look at the pronunciation of अ (a) and आ (aa).

The letter अ (a) is pronounced as ‘a’, like the sound at the start of the English words – alive, apply, and alert. It makes a very short sound.

The letter आ (aa) is pronounced as ‘aa’, like the sound at the end of the words – Argentina(a), Malaysa(a). It makes a longer sound.

“Every human gets his/her best gift of life as soon as they come into life – their Name.”                                                          By – Mohit Gehlot

Catch the video to get a better insight: Click HERE. 

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