Time Mismatch

The time is moving at the same rate. Or better to say it has the same conversion rate in America as in India i.e. 1 sec == 1 sec everywhere in the world. By that every second we’re growing older, with that same second your friends, relatives and everyone living have just grown older. Happy birthday to everyone in this world (if we celebrate on per second basis 😉 )! Happy birthday to me too so that we can be happier a lot more days than just one day out of a year. So yes! We are growing older and so as our brain. Every other time there is a new thought process, change in preferences, change in likes and dislikes. Change in priorities, change in dressing style, change in hair style et cetera et cetera. As these changes happen in others, they are happening within us also. For example: Teenagers feel satisfied with a sexy hot chick around their arm. But as they grow older their preferences change with time and a beautiful girl in a saree makes them feel complete the most.

The point here which I am trying to make are the changes which are happening around are not happening at the same rate, at the same time with everyone. So the misunderstanding, conflict and problem arise. For example: Suppose you have a good friend, you take care a lot of her, from what she is eating to what kind of clothes she is wearing. You give suggestions, you remind her of medicines, you cannot sleep if she is crying, you try your best to help her if she is broken, and keep your phone closer to your ears while sleeping if she isn’t well to make sure that you never miss a line. You send chocolates, sweets and other gifts to make her feel special. She also responds pretty well back to you. Send you photographs of what she is cooking, what she is wearing in the parties, and bla-bla stories of her which never ends. If in confusion at clothing store, she sends you the photographs of jeans and skirts to resolve her confusion. You become better friends, start making promises to let go of bad habits of each other (for example, not to smoke or drink alcohol et cetera). But suppose there comes a time when her thought process changes (because with time we change ourselves) and lets say she tells you to not save her photos anymore or maybe something which isn’t normal. Why? May be because she thinks she is a grown up girl and grown people don’t do such things. May be she isn’t comfortable anymore. Or maybe something else. But that hurts really. Although she may be right, but that hurts. And why that hurts because your thought process has not changed with her thought process. May be a year after, the same decision seems to be perfect. But for the time being, it seems people are growing up faster than you.

So there is whole lot of Time Mismatch happening around in the world. In general there will always be a little time mismatch between any two people, and that is compensated by a little sacrifice. Sacrifice is a key role to maintain any relationship. For example: One may find a kid annoying, but they make you smile, they relax your tiredness, they have a pure heart and can be trusted. But all these good traits come with an annoying nature. So a little sacrifice is must.

“You have got to make your life flow like a water, no stone would be able to stop you.”                                                                             – Mohit Gehlot

“The truth is everyone is going to hurt you, you just got to find the ones worth suffering for.”                                                              – Bob Marley


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