The general talks.

Reminiscing of old days when we were kids, how we use to stood outside our home with the bunch of those 1 Rs cracker and used to fire them for hours. Do you know at times while trying to fire them in the air, few got busted in my hand itself, haha! That Kaun Banega Crorepati game, in which you always used to become Amitabh bachchan and I one of your contestant. You used to act really well. One day I remember I won 1 Crore Rs too. Oh! That happiness. Our favourite shows used to be – Powerpuff girls, Richie rich, Popeye, Bob the builder, The flinstones, Thomas and friends, Oswald, Noddy, Sonpari and Shakalaka boom boom. And who could be a better companion for garba other than you. I loved doing dandiya with you and I still do miss dandiya dance. Also the best part is how mummy papa used to dress us up so well. Although I used to hate all of that make up but I must accept photos are really good. Oh my goodness! I believe that mummy used to try all her make up experiments on me when she dressed me a frock with a complete girly make up. Oh dear! Suddenly the image of me being in the dress rejuvenates in my mind. About ek-ek do-do game, how much had we really played the game inside home with the keys instead of stone. I bet if there had been any competition, we’d surely have won the game. You remember the Choco Pyramid pastries and Chocolate rolls, you must admit that place was a great advantage to have such delicacies every other day. Off course among all these good things, our fights were so common that mummy had to join her hands with her eyes almost begging plus her exclusive one liners so that we stop fighting. I even miss the fights too. Our fights were pretty famous among our family members but the worst part is you being girl and so called a year elder used to gain the support of everyone. Bah!

When I joined class 12th, I missed you really. All our late night talks, all my secret story sharing sessions, the memories ranges from having food together to singing songs together, I missed you a lot in that year.

Since I have joined the University all I wanted the most and all I missed the most were the talks. Nothing much. And that is what all I did above. And that is what I thought would be the best gift to send it to you on your birthday.

Even whenever I come home, I just aspire to stay at home for the maximum time possible. And the best part is now you keep my secret a secret! Thanks.

Yesterday I was trying to sing a song, but I was singing so badly so thought of not sending it to you but here is the link of an already uploaded video. Happy Birthday Mahimari!

Also today is the very first anniversary with wordpress. That’s the icing on the cake.


“Best Fight – Best Friend – Best Sister”. These are the three words which fits together only in one relation – a brother sister relation.                                       – Mohit Gehlot                                                              




4 thoughts on “The general talks.

  1. U have really been a grt brother and would always remain the one. Thank u so much for making me recall all these precious memories which kept me smiling till I read the whole stuff. Thank u so much Mohitya!!! Love you!


  2. Bhai tagda! Your writing never made me to wait a few secs and imagine the scenes, it was throughout the passage as I read it and moreover made me giggle by incidences you’ve mentioned about your eternal and ephemaral love.


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