How Human we are?

“A manager of a well-known slaughterhouse recently told me that even if they find meat unfit for human consumption, they still sell it,” says Laxminarain Modi, managing trustee, Bharatiya Cattle Resource Development Foundation, New Delhi.


Yesterday I was watching a documentary called as EARTHLINGS. My heart came out for all those animals who are tortured for days and mercilessly killed at the end.

“The desires for food and water, shelter and companionship, freedom of movement and avoidance of pain are shared by non-human animals and human beings alike.”  – Earthlings

When I was doing B.Tech, we had a huge campus but we were confined to that area. One had to take permission to go out of that area. We hated that rule to death. “It’s like a jail where we all are imprisoned” said one of my friend. For all of us that huge campus was like a cage. Just imagine the condition of an animal. While transporting them upto the slaughter house, they are suffocated being kept one above the other. They see their mates being killed from the cage. Have you ever observed the face of an animal about to be killed? I bet you if you have a heart in you, it will make you stop eating meat. Right from when the animal is born to the conditions in which they are raised, transported, killed and sold in the market – it is horrific.

“If Slaughter houses had glass walls, we all would be vegetarian” – Paul McCartney from the Beatles


Also the condition of meat you eat is highly questionable. In 2013, Andhra Pradesh, India estimated that there were 3,100 illegal and 6 licensed slaughterhouses in the State. And either of them don’t follow any prescribed guidelines. Killing of diseased animals are common. The condition of Abattoirs are highly unhygienic.

Chickens raised for their flesh are often packed by the thousands into massive sheds and fed large amounts of antibiotics and drugs to keep them alive in conditions that would otherwise kill them. Adult chickens can have trouble breathing and standing upright and will even topple forward because they’ve been bred to have abnormally large breasts.


“None of these [antibiotic feed additives] would likely be approvable for livestock use if submitted today, under current FDA guidelines. Eighteen of the 30 reviewed feed additives were deemed to pose a ‘high risk’ of exposing humans to antibiotic-resistant bacteria through the food supply.” – Food and Drug administration, USA.

Only seven weeks after they’re born, chickens are crowded onto trucks that transport them to the slaughterhouse. Every year, tens of millions of chickens have their wings and legs broken in the process. They are trucked through all weather extremes, sometimes over hundreds of miles, without any food or water. At slaughter, chickens are hung upside down and have their throats slit, and they’re often scalded to death in defeathering tanks.

2016-02-21 (1).png


On how meat industry increases the health risks – Click Here

The Los Angeles Times reports that confidential industry reports have found extremely high levels of estradiol, “a potent cancer-causing and gene-damaging estrogen,” in meat products from cows treated with the hormone. To make cows grow at an unnaturally fast rate, the cattle industry implants them with pellets full of hormones.

Cows are gentle, social animals. Each cow has the ability to recognize more than 100 other cows, and they form close friendships with members of their herd. Researchers report that cows grieve when their friends or family members die.

After doing the search over the topic, the image which fits the most in my mind as per the growth rate of our cruelty is this :


Also there are many vegetarian-meat-taste-like-food which is cruelty free too, I believe you will try that from now on.

For Earthlings documentary – Click Here

“I am not begging you to become a Vegan, I am begging you to become a Human”                                                                                                                            – Mohit Gehlot

15 thoughts on “How Human we are?

    1. Most of the time when people buy, people ignore that animals were killed to get this for them. Because all of this happen so secretly in a background that no body realises there are even slaughter houses present at all or not.


  1. Thank you for writing this. It is so true, people switch off, despite even a vague sense of discomfort… I was like that once, which helps me understand….but now I cannot even think of eating meat…now I know what brutality it entails.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your quote “I am not begging you to become a Vegan, I am begging you to become a Human.” Brilliant. I live in the United States, but factory farming has been booming over here so conditions are just as bad here for the animals. Vegan here, trying to spread the word as well. Keep writing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for appreciating and promoting the article as it is very important for people to get to know the hidden reality. I respect you because you live in U.S. and still being clean in such an environment where more than 85% population is Non-vegetarian. I appreciate your efforts and your love for animals.


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