A day in an office

SR Corp office.jpg

I see around me well-crafted wooden cupboards. Intercom telephone is just next to me. In front of me a laptop.

I sit in an open sort of cabin. Four people can be accommodated in the cabin I sit. I see the cabins, the private ones, larger than us, but can suffice only one. Also we have wheeling chair here. It can go up down and also back and forth.

We generally get call from those bigger cabins to do some work or the other. There are ACs all around. The biggest cabins even have TVs inside.

Few employees work overtime here, I wonder whether they love their work or the money matters.

The cabins are divided into different departments like Accounts, Design, Technical …

Few employees sometime do crack jokes, few shout and few never talk.

There is a wall which shows the company’s logo, intricately woven on the glass, next to the glass there is a white squared paper stuck on the wall saying loudly to be silent.

If I turn back, I see the clouds and the sky separated by thick glass. I feel restrained when I hear the sound of the rain droplets hitting the glass but couldn’t bathe in it.

Here the internet speed is good so I download the files in the background. When tired from work I go to khanacademy.org or play Quiz up or read/write answers on Quora.

At times I also think of my friends, about the friendship, what all has been changed over time. So I miss them and call to them. Few attend, few reject, few talk. I think about how our friendship has narrowed down to just talks and chats instead of meeting and walking and living together. I feel the worst when I am not able to help them out because of the distance.

Also I try to analyse my father’s tone on the phone to get to know his mood as he never tells to me if the things aren’t going the right way. I feel sad by the fact that my parents are growing older. I make sure that I work harder/smarter/faster enough to get the results on right time.

There is one lady in the office, she serves us coffee/tea two times a day. She is lively and cracks jokes. I wonder what makes her happy and what makes them sad.

I realize that people are working for the wages I spend without thinking much. I talk to those whom people don’t talk much. I understand how do they live their life. I understand how the place/caste/rich family(financially)/poor family(financially) one is born into affects their entire life. I feel happy that I was born into mediocre family(financially) as either of the extremes could be dangerous.

God bless us all.

“Make your tomorrow a little different, make someone happy and be happy” – Mohit Gehlot

2 thoughts on “A day in an office

  1. A fantastic article written by my Bro!!! This article has got so many layers into it which can have so many connotations…like the one an author writes leaving room for interpretation by the readers. Seriously amazed and glad to read it!! Bohot zada khush hu and proud too!! Keep going and growing like this…love you allot!!

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