C’est la vie


It is a French phrase which means “That’s life”. The “life” is interesting and what makes it interesting are the twists are turns involved in it. The pain, the love, the hatred, the happiness, the sadness and so on are the components by which it is made. And each component of life while living it must be enjoyed equally. It is difficult to enjoy the pain and the love equally but one has to accept the life’s rules by the time. One of my friend said it just right that life is like a journey in a train where you meet people, you talk to them, perhaps you love them but as soon as one de-boards the train they just forget each other and move on with their life. It is hard, it is painful not to think over about the person who made your journey, which is either of your life or of your train, great. But nonetheless it is better not to think. I have realized it soon that we pray to god about what we fear. I always prayed to god, not to make new friends, but to retain my old friends. I think I had a fear of losing them and perhaps that is the only reason which always let me pray this to god. Today I realize that I should not have prayed this. Today I realize the importance of trust in a relationship which is very important. No matter how much you love someone or care or have promises or precious moments, everything falls down in front of a trust. Well “C’est la vie” which no body can understand nor anybody understood till date about how to make it just the way you want. I think the best way to enjoy it is to live in present. To fill it with life, to observe the things happening around you instead of letting it waver to either past or future. Don’t ever give the control of your life to somebody else. Don’t let anyone tell you that they can strip your respect off with you being right. Have the control over your life. I believe all those people who are reading this must be feeling something or the other in their respective lives, I just say to you all, enjoy it, C’est la vie.

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. – Einstein

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