My Ethiopian friend and Bollywood

I didn’t know the vast no. of similarities Indians and Ethiopians share in between till I met my big brother from Ethiopia. “I say that we Ethiopians are lovers; I am telling you the truth. I had a crush in 7th  standard itself and I loved to talk to her because I grew up watching Shahrukh khan. When I see Shahrukh Khan singing, I want to sing just the way he sings for my woman”, said Bereket in a pleasant chilling night walk.

But even before this talk I realized that there are many similarities by the comfort I had while talking with him. I remember him saying “माफ़ कर दो/Maaf kar do” while studying together. Also he knows many Indian songs too like “shava shava” which suddenly brings big smile on my face when he sings and Why should not I? As in the whole city where I see NO Indian, he is the closest possible Indian friend for me. “We have our exercise book, and you know we put Indian actors’ photos as a bookmark and to buy that it was expensive like Shahrukh Khan photo or ladies photos; Others used to say that see he has Shahrukh Khan photo. But one thing for sure they made us weak in terms of love, we could easily fall into love and you will start thinking that you are an actor but it ends up very badly.” And we ended up having a very hearty laugh after such a statement.

Sometimes I join him in his room when he prepares the dinner and I realize that the method of cooking the food is also common and they eat chappatis too. Well, all these things seem small but lightens my heart and I feel very happy. When I asked him about the common things we share, he came up with the answer which most of the Indians reside in the core of their heart. He said, “We share common culture like respecting people. When I grew up I had never seen people kissing in public, not even husband and wife, they do their business in the background. Respecting culture, we share it. Respecting families, we share it. Respecting elderly, we share it. Even the Indians who came to Ethiopia had easily got along with us and share a very good understanding”.

The Bollywood has greatly influenced the lives of Ethiopians and they love the Bollywood movies so much that the people skip meals and their routine work to not to miss the Bollywood movies. “Bollywood has a great impact on our country. And the Indian ladies, we treat them as the most beautiful ladies in the world. Ahhhh!!! Zara and Chandra, it is a movie, serious movie and these Zara and Chandra is taking the hell out of us. The ladies don’t cook, and they take just juice in dinner to skip preparing meal”. I was shocked to know that “zara and Chandra” is so famous in Ethiopia but I haven’t heard about this. I googled this and got to know that it is called as “Saraswatichandra”, is an Indian serial which aired on Star Plus from 25 February 2013 to 20 September 2014.

I feel so fortunate to be surrounded with great people from all over the world. I loved the Ethiopian style of preparing coffee and it really tastes the best. And Bereket, there is so much to learn from you that spending time with you could never be a waste.

In this video you see how true are the words in this article. I loved the video.


“हम एक बार जीते है एक बार मरते है शादी भी एक बार होती है….  और प्यार एक बार ही होता है |”/”We live once, we die once, we also marry once … and we love also only once”  – Shahrukh khan, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

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