Bon Anniversaire Nabil


Well, often after a long period of inactivity on the blog, the articles, which break such a routine, are B’day articles dedicated to someone special. That someone generally takes a long time to become a special unlike the person on whom this article is dedicated to. He is new, he is not Indian, he is super intelligent and a very very special friend of mine!

I met him primarily on Dec 2016 and I soon realized that I was really missing a lot of things before. The way he works, the way he explains the stuff, his mastery over many languages is truly remarkable. Well, he knows few Hindi words too thanks to his love for Russell Peters!

Nabil, joyeux anniversaire mon frère. Thanks for being there. Thanks for motivating me perhaps in the most difficult phase of my life. I have learned so many things about life, religion, people, world and engineering in such a short span that no one else could have provided me. It was you who gave me the strength to look at something impossible, you made things appear easy and everything turned out to be well afterwards. I cherish our friendship and wish it to get only better in the future.”

P.S. Don’t try to eat spicy food bro, ce n’est pas pour toi!!!

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