Love in India!

Many of my friends are getting married. I am 24 now so I expect them to be around the same age. Seems like pretty early. What I am gonna  to write now may be also true at other times but since I am watching my friends and relatives getting married now, it often makes me wonder about many things and so it deserves to be written.

Indian parents want to have all control of their children’s life. I mean it is okay until education but they don’t stop there. They want to select a girl/boy for you. Decide when to get married. And when to have children too!

So lets talk about love marriages and this is how it all starts. In a university or in some courses, you are in the same class, you like to sit together, you become just friends. You keep on telling your friends that you are just friends and then after some time it becomes obvious. Perhaps you tell your close relatives and cousins of your same age too so that you get a little help when needed. You never like taking photographs (What if they put it on facebook, my relatives are there, ohlala). You go everywhere together hand in hand and you love taking photographs that too only with your phone with a pout but if you have to take a group photograph, you make a distance so that you still look just friends.

That’s not the funny part for me, the funny part is when they start posting photos on Facebook with strong status affirming their true love. So till now, no body know that you had something going on between you. So for the marriage, with all your courage and counselling you open the secret to your family and once they agree, I suddenly see something amazing. The Facebook profile pic, cover pic, status, Instagram, WhatsApp and the stories for the next few months are reserved by just you and your partner. I don’t understand why you need to look crazy!?  Why not to have the mixture of things on your status like sometimes to showcase your love to your partner but sometimes, I believe that there are other things too which you love. Once the family approves, all the shyness goes away and you start loving each other to the moon and back. Posing some insane photographs and this pre-marriage videography and photography makes me laugh out loud!

Perhaps I cannot understand you because I am still a naïve and still singing this song “Mere sapno ki rani kab aayegi tu” (Oh my dream girl, when will you come). I often do crack jokes with my dadi (grandmother) and say to her that I have made a French girlfriend. I don’t know if they make me enter my home if I have one! Anyways I am still singing the same song!! So she says very optimistically that she has found the exact girl (mere sapno ki rani/ my dream girl) whom I am looking for and as soon as I will see her, the love will overflow. I mean really! Does that happen like this! (Ek nazar main bhi pyaar hota hai, par maine toh sirf suna hi hai).

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