Are You Virgin?

How much does it matter to marry a virgin girl or a virgin boy? Or does it matter whatsoever? Is this question hogwash in the 21st century? Is vulgarity and modernity shares equality? As we are progressing, more and more people are converting their sexual desires into practicality. People are more open to sex related stuffs.

I have seen people around me in a relationship have no qualms about getting sexually intimate with each other even though there is no guarantee of their relationship culminating into the marriage. I remember one of the discussions in which professor concluded, “Sex is the need, just like brushing teeth”! I wonder, then, how come my teeth be so clean till now.

After talking to multiple friends on this critical topic, hypocrisy was significantly redolent. This is what they said: “Yes, of course, being a virgin matters, a lot, to me.” On further enquiry she said firmly, “Why not? I want my guy/husband to remember me when he reminisce about his first sexual moments and not some other girl”. She added, “It makes a boy/girl extremely cheap if they expose their body to each other without any future commitment”. (She was also very interested to know ways to check a male virginity – which is indeed – none). In good contrast, the male friend told me that in present trend couples, more or less, indulge in a relationship for being physical. He added that, sometimes, a couple have “MOU” (sort of) which says that the relationship will continue only for a particular period of time and everything vanishes after that. He further said that the period generally lasts until one of the couple gets engaged or to a larger extent gets married. He added that trust is more important after a marriage than virginity.

I know couples who, instead of an intimate relationship, are holding their virginity till marriage (for it to become much more precious).  And have seen couples, on the other hand, making out every other day (to make their present precious!).

In India, especially in arranged marriages, parents do look for a virgin partner for their children. So to make sure a girl “seems” virgin, a plastic surgeon can easily reconstruct a layer of tissue which resemble like a hymen; the procedure is called the Hymenoplasty. Although, an intact hymen is not a sure sign of virginity.

One must have clear difference between modernity and vulgarity. There is a very thin layer between them, as hymen, make sure when to rupture it, if it’s in your hand. (Forty-percent of girls lose her hymen with reasons other than sex).

So to conclude: If you are a virgin, you may/would expect a virgin partner (Don’t divorce if you don’t get one!). And if you are not, don’t be hypocrite and be always ready to enjoy your night with the good experienced partner.

“Girls are losing their virginity at 15, 16. I am not promoting that. But my songs are talking… about me becoming a man” – Chris Brown

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